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Certificate in order to travel abroad. Purchase only possible together with a Covid-19 Rapid Antigen test. Important: check if your destination accepts a Rapid Antigen test. Most destinations require a PCR-test.


Smiling women after conducting coronavirus sneltest


"My mother has cancer and I want to visit her as much as possible in her final phase. At the moment of my appointment I was worried if I had Covid-19. Snel Test came home right away. They took the test professionally after 15 minutes I found out that I did not have corona this gave me the courage to visit my mother. Very satisfied."

Men after conducting coronavirus sneltest


"After showing some symptoms that could be associated with the Sars Cov-2 virus, I panicked. I was concerned that I might have infected my grandmother, whom I recently visited. The fast expertise at Sneltest allowed me to reassure my grandmother thus allowing me to visit her again."

Doctor conducting coronavirus sneltest in clinic


"The service was fast, reliable and professional with maximum security protection. It's great to have such a convenient way of testing in Amsterdam."